Dequency is the first blockchain-powered sync licensing platform. We are building a decentralized ecosystem where the creators of web3 can discover each other and easily collaborate on audiovisual projects like NFTs, metaverse productions, and on-chain games!

Sync licensing is the licensing of music for use in visual media (NFTs, video games, TV, advertisements, etc.). When you hear music in a film, or at your favorite metaverse fashion show, for example, the copyright holders of the musical recording and composition licensed that music to the creator of the visual project.

Dequency’s goal is to use the power of web3 to make audiovisual collaboration easier and less expensive while paying creators instantly. Historically, finding high quality music to use in visual projects has been a cumbersome process involving many different music industry players. It can be difficult to negotiate licenses and can also take a long time for creators to get paid. On top of all that, music companies arranging these licenses take large fees, leaving less money on the table for artists. Because Dequency sync licenses are smart contracts that eliminate third parties, we are able to facilitate instant payment to creators with very low fees, while ensuring the songs are properly licensed for users.

There are three main users of Dequency:

Musicians & rightsholders hold music copyright and make their music available for licensing by adding it to the Dequency marketplace.

Visual creators obtain licenses directly from music rightsholders via the Dequency marketplace, and download the corresponding audio files to use in their web3 visual productions.

Community members fuel the Dequency ecosystem by contributing their taste in various ways to earn unique rewards. More on this soon!

Copyright laws require that any time music is “synced” with visual media, such as a motion graphic NFT or a metaverse fashion show, the creator of that visual media must obtain approval from the music’s copyright holder(s) to use the music. Unless the music being used is bespoke (created specifically for that visual project), this is done via sync license. Securing proper licenses for collaborative projects ensures that all parties involved are legally protected and fairly valued.

On Dequency, musicians and music rightsholders can upload music and make it available for licensing. Visual creators can explore and obtain licenses to use music in web3 productions like NFTs, metaverse content and on-chain games.

In the near future, Community members will be able to contribute their amazing musical/artistic taste to help curate the Dequency marketplace in various ways, earning unique rewards.

Absolutely — it’s growing every day! We’ve recently opened the rightsholder portal, giving music artist and rightsholders the ability to upload their music onto the platform and make it available for sync licensing. Our hope is that the increased control we offer artists will attract amazing music from both emerging and higher-profile rightsholders.

Get in touch on Twitter and Discord to share what you’re listening to and let us know what music you’d like to see on Dequency!

Simply upload it! Okay, not simply — make sure you’re aware of a few *need to haves*:

  1. All copyright owners (including featured artists, writers, producers, etc.) of the music must approve its listing on Dequency.
    1. If you worked with other artists, writers or producers to make your music, make sure you have their written and signed approval before submitting.
    2. If you are signed to a label or publisher, you may not be the copyright owner of your music. Check with your label and/or publisher before submitting your music.
  2. Music on Dequency must be of professional quality – put any finishing touches on your mix before submitting! Please note we will not accept demos or unfinished works.

Have more questions about our requirements? Get in touch on discord and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Yes! While Dequency licenses live on the Algorand blockchain, the rights included are not blockchain-specific. If you want to mint a project on Ethereum (or any other blockchain) using a Dequency license, you are free to do so!

Initial users can transact by connecting their Algorand Wallet and purchasing licenses with ALGOs. We are hoping to soon offer users the ability to transact in the currency of their choice – more on this later!

We got you! Use the help channel on discord to get in touch and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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